Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion. (Martha Graham).

Sarah has been dancing for 6 years, and is known for her fluid, slinky style, and her sexy flexy floor shapes. 

She continues to develop and showcase her unique style of movement, through performances, competitions, across social media, and she teaches her creative and sexy flow, floorwork, and choreography, in workshop and guest instructor classes, both around the country, and internationally.


Sarah has guest performed at studios worldwide, appeared as a judge on many occasions, but is perhaps best known as ‘The Destroyer of Pleasers’.


Heel Work Choreography Class Sarah will teach you smooth and controlled exotic choreography, focussing on musicality, fluidity, hairography, and glidework, to move effortlessly across the floor and around the base of the pole, bringing out the slinky in you. Heels are required for this class, kneepads are advised and can be purchased from Sarah at the beginning of the class*. Beginner-Intermediate, or intermediate-advanced** 90 mins / £30 per person, 

Jass Foley Photoshoot at the Irish Pole Dance Academy 2016

There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them.


Dynamic Movement Accents and Floor Landing Technique.

For this class, Sarah will break down the individual elements and safe technique required, for dynamic landings and sharp movement accents, perfect for highlighting musical crescendos, and adding drama to your style. We will concentrate on the foundation techniques to impact the floor in a controlled way, and build on these to create showstopping knee landings, kips, and split drops, with the ability to make each movement as fast and loud, or as smooth and slinky as desired.

Heels, socks, or legwarmers can be worn for this class, kneepads are essential.

Intermediate-advanced 90 mins / £30 per person

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