Lauren Elise King pole instructor and performer

Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself.

Lauren Elise is a pole dance instructor and performer from London. She began her pole journey with no prior background in dance or fitness but has embraced everything pole has thrown at her with open arms –  although you probably won’t find her doing flips anytime soon!.

She is best known for her dynamic, fluid basework, her musicality and her attention to detail. She describes her style as ‘urban exotic’ and is passionate about authentic, natural movement and the power of freestyle dance. She wants to empower her students to find their style and help them get over the fear of performing – whether that’s to themselves, a video camera or an audience.

Lauren is the winner of Authentic Pole Dance Adv 2015, Dance Filthy UK Pro 2016, LucyPole Cup Pro and Classique 2016 and Miss & Mister Pole Essex Pro 2017.

Lauren has performed with DaVido at the 2017 MOBO awards and is a regular with The Cocoa Butter Club. Lauren is also an ambassador for pole clothing range Creatures of XIX.


Lauren Elise King performing on the pole


When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way. (Wayne Dyer).

Exotique Choreography Workshop 

Intermediate +

1 hour 30 // £30pp

In this workshop you’ll be learning some of Lauren’s original, unique choreography. Dynamic and fluid, but with an urban edge, this choreography will keep you on your toes (literally). The routine will challenge you mentally to think about musicality – interpretation of the music is integral to Lauren’s style – and physically with unusual transitions and accents.

Kneepads, long socks or legwarmers are advised. Heels are required (Pleasers or similar styles                                                                                           recommended).

Stop, Drop and Roll Workshop

Intermediate +

1 hour 30 // £30pp

Intermediate and above. Must be comfortable with aerial inverts and leg hangs.

Taking things up the pole (for once!), this workshop will cover a variety of Lauren’s favourite drops and tumbles – guaranteed to impress any audience. We’ll work on breaking down each movement to build control and awareness and then step it up a notch with speed and flair – and optional heels!

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