Classifications of Categories


You can previously have taken part in up to and including 3 competitions but you must not have placed 1st.

Showcase performances do not count.


For anyone that has placed 1st in a competition previously, or has competed in three or more competitions.


There is no separate instructor category. New instructors will be considered in the advanced category, but must enter the Advanced Experienced category. If you are unsure which level you should enter, please feel free to email Sarah at

Age Range.

Minimum age for competition entry is 16, however, for anyone under 18, the entry form should be filled in and signed by a parent on behalf of the entrant.


Because there is only 1 classique category and it is not split into amateur and experienced categories, there will be 8 spaces available in the final.


If there are not enough entries to fill each category, the amateur and experienced will be combined with the top 3 from each going through to the final.

If you get pregnant between entering and the competition date, (assuming your video entry is successful), you may still compete up to your sixth moth, but must have an accompanying letter from a midwife or doctor saying this is okay.

Informed consents will be available to be filled in on the day as will health questionnaires. You must fill these in honestly and be fit to perform.

The entry fee is non-refundable.


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