In The Spotlight is a new company bringing you a cash prize competition. When I first started in pole dance many years ago, many of the competitions had cash prizes, however, the competitions were small, and few and far between. 

Somewhere along the way, the industry grew and took on a life of its own. The competitions got bigger and became a way for people to gain recognition within the industry.

Over the years I have had many clients enter competitions, many have placed or won, but even those that didn’t still put a great amount of effort and money into their routines. With the prices of the 1-2-1’s, the outfits and special hair and make-up, not to mention props, the costs can soon escalate. And we as a community don’t mind paying those costs.

Taking this into consideration, we decided it was time to give something back. To give something more. Our entry fee is a little more (not much though) than other comps, considering we’re new to this area of the industry. But the entry fee is what is going to fund the prizes. 

Initially the prize fund will be £250 for 1st place. £100 for 2nd place, and £50 for third place. 

We are hoping that people will love the theme and want to take part, and bear in mind, the more people that enter, the bigger the prize find will grow.

Our competition will be fairly small scale with only 100 seats available for the audience, with first refusal of seats going to those who make it to the final. 


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